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DeSanctimonioius For President of The Villages 2024

Ron DeSanctimonious wil never be president of the United States. This club is to help him and his family after he resigns from his job that we just elected him to, that apparently he does not want to do.
We encourage Ron to apply for a job in The Villages that is why we started the DeSantis Club of The Villages.
We look forward to having Ron in The Villages full time.

In the meantime as he is flying around the country spending the millions he raised from the Trump supporters we at DeSantis Club of The Villages will expose the destruction he created as Governor of Florida in just one term. Come back often and learn what Ron did to this great state.

We will update regularly. Check back often. In the meantime continue to support Donald J. Trump for President in 2024, as Ron should have done. Visit here for local information

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DeSantis ends presidential run by claiming Biden got 81 million legit votes

Governor DeSantis, after winning relection by nearly 20%, may face impeachment just 6 months later after revealing he is actually the dumbest person ever to be a governor in the United States of America

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Oh Really?? Is Ron DeSantis a lying dog face pony soldier?

A nice collection of Ron statements, you decide.

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Private plane, luxury hotels, and you are running out of money?

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DeSantis drops to single digits in Ohio

Even without Laura Loomer going to Ohio DeSantis drops to single digits

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DeSantis investor launch Leaker is now exposed and it wasn't a Trumper

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I don't like The Hamptons anyway

Fund raisers in The Hamptons canceled due to lake of interest

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Gov Grietens: Ron 2024! DONE

Governor Grietens states the obvious, DeSantis is done "accept it already"

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Ron 2024! in 3rd place in South Carolina

Governor DeSaster still ahead of Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina

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